The Bacon Guac Flavor Bomb - Spanish Bacon and SoCal Avocado

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  • The Bacon Guac Flavor Bomb - Spanish Bacon and SoCal Avocado - SoCal Hot Sauce®

The Bacon Guac Flavor Bomb - Spanish Bacon and SoCal Avocado

$32.99 $35.99
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Voodoo chile sauces porcus infernum Burns and mccoy avocado dressing - Bacon Hot Sauce - Porcus Brand

Find the Bacon-Guac Flavor Bomb at! 


 SoCal Hot Sauce and Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce present: The Bacon Guac Flavor Bomb!

When two 1st place winners at the 2018 Scovie Awards come together, you get an explosion of savory-peppered bacon and smooth-rich avocado. 

Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce and SoCal Hot Sauce Collaborate to bring you the Bacon Guac Flavor Bomb - Fiery Spanish Bacon and SoCal Guac Sauce Gift Pack

Tocino de fuego fiery spanish bacon from Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce wins 1st place at the 2018 Scovie AwardsSoCal Guac Sauce Hot Avocado wins 1st place at the 2018 Scovie Awards

Its’ BOLD, It’s PEPPERED, It’s BACON! Add this exclusive combination of tasty hot sauce & pepper bacon sauce to any meal you cook, and taste the incredibly complex balance & depth that it adds to your meal!

The perfect combination of sauces to compliment any chef’s kitchen; you’ll love using them alone, but even more so in combination! There’s plenty of flavors, aromas, and incredible experiences you’ll be getting from these sauces. Here’s what’s inside
• Hot Avocado SoCal Guac Sauce includes: avocado, serrano and green habanero chiles, tomatillo, onion, spices, and garlic
• Jak Jeckel's Tocino De Fuego gives you a rich peppered bacon taste, without excess heat or spice overpowering it. You can taste the rich cilantro, hints of toasted fennel, rosemary, and a good amount of habanero heat - all complimenting the incredible *bacon* flavor!
• Makes for absolutely the PERFECT GIFT: already comes ready to go in a gorgeous hot sauce gift pack, give it to your friend or family member that loves to cook(or eat!). Warning: once you get a taste, you might not be able to give it up!

Grab your own Hot Sauce Variety Pack today, and combine these incredible flavors on your next meal to experience the full range of tastes that it contains!!!

Hey chileheads!! Have you heard of the new hot sauce combo that is absolutely incredible? It is combining an incredible bacon hot sauce (Jak Jeckel's "Tocino de Fuego" Fiery Spanish Bacon) along with the amazing avocado hot sauce (SoCal Guac Sauce's "Hot Avocado") and making the ultimate "UMAMI" flavor explosion! Here is a great way to use the bacon and avocado hot sauce set!!

Here’s a Guacamole Recipe that will be an instant hit in your home.

The Hot & Spicy Bacon Guac Sauce-amole!!

•1 Ripe avocado
•1/4 cup diced red onion
•1 small diced roma tomato
•Juice of ½ lime
•2 super hot chile peppers like Ghost Pepper or Carolina Reaper(totally optional!)
•Chopped cilantro to taste
•1 Tbsp SoCal Guac Sauce – Hot Avocado Hot sauce
•1 Tbsp Jak Jeckel’s Tocino de Fuego – Fiery Spanish Bacon Sauce
•Black pepper, sea salt and cumin to taste

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review