The Original Avocado SoCal Guac Sauce® - 64 FL OZ (Half Gallon)

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  • The Original Avocado SoCal Guac Sauce® - 64 FL OZ (Half Gallon) - SoCal Hot Sauce®

The Original Avocado SoCal Guac Sauce® - 64 FL OZ (Half Gallon)

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64 fl oz = 12.8 regular bottles of SoCal Sauce! 

*Free Shipping on all 64 fl oz jugs of SoCal!

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  • SOCAL GUAC SAUCE uses real avocados as a base. Smooth, rich, flavorful and with a wide variety of seasonings and spices for an out-of-this-world umami experience. A one of a kind sauce; you’ll feel like you are back in Southern Cali eating at an authentic TAQUERIA. You will be shocked at all of flavors, aromas, spice and incredible experiences you’ll be getting from this avocado FLAVOR BOMB

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  • THE ORIGINAL AVOCADO is MILD, but still has a slight kick from JALAPENOS. The heat level low enough for everyone to enjoy. TOMATILLOS, onions, garlic, chiles and spices come together with delicious avocado. A fresh tasting MILD SAUCE used on all types of MEXICAN FOOD, cheese burgers, with chips and anything else you would use GUACAMOLE with. 

    •Or… get ready for this… are you sitting down? BACON!, yes that’s right! The smooth richness of this creamy avocado sauce coupled with the crisp, salty, peppery boldness of BACON is downright AMAZING! Bacon – Avocado Guac Breakfast Burritos (with a crispy tater tots, melted cheese and runny eggs), or the ULTIMATE BACON/GUAC Cheeseburger! The possibilities are endless. 

    Enjoy in an easy to make dip! Just mix with sour cream!

    •GOLDEN CHILE WINNER – First place finish at the 2017 Fiery Foods Show! One of the most prestigious awards in the spicy food industry! Voted the best verde style salsa in the nation!

    • 2018 SCOVIE AWARD RUNNER UP: 2nd place in the salsa verde category. right behind the 1st place winner, SoCal's Hot Avocado Guac Sauce! 

    • Runner up at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo Screaming MiMi Awards in the Jalapeno Hot Sauce Category.

    If you add SoCal to your kitchen tool kit, there's no doubt you'll impress everyone with the flavorful dishes you'll make with this VERSATILE hot sauce; try the guac as taco sauce or even a salad dressing. Guac Sauce deserves a spot in every chef’s pantry.

    Recipe for CARNE ASADA -SoCal style!

    1. Marinate 1-2 lbs of flank or skirt steak (works with chicken too) overnight in the following: 

    a. 1/4 cup Avocado SoCal Guac Sauce (Original or Spicy) 
    b. 1/4 cup Original Red SoCal Hot Sauce (Original or Spicy) 
    c. 1/4 oil
    d. The juice of one lime or lemon
    e. 1 medium onion, chopped
    2. Grill on high heat until cooked
    3. Chop the steak and serve in warm, toasted corn tortillas and top with diced onions and cilantro. 
    4. Add a little more SoCal Hot Sauce and/or Guac Sauce to your authentic tacos along with a squeeze of lime to finish them off.
    5. Enjoy!

    •Classic flavors in a bottle; when you use your Guac Sauce you’ll feel like you are back in SoCal eating STREET TACOS at an authentic TACO TRUCK. You will be shocked at how many AUTHENTIC flavors were put into one 5 oz bottle. The smile on your face will be ear to ear when you have a burrito in one hand and SoCal Guac Sauce in the other. Some have even perfected the DAB and GO, sauce on every bite strategy.

    • A family VERDE style sauce recipe that captures Southern California TAQUERIA “Salsa de Aguacate” fresh flavor. MILD and rated “E for everybody” to enjoy. Kids and grownups alike. 

    • “We can’t eat food without it” is a common phrase people say once they try this amazing green sauce. What’s more to say? This is one of those sauces that you just have to taste to get a full appreciation of what it has to offer. Get your own bottle of this epic flavor bomb and see for yourself!

    • You can have shelf stable, gourmet avocado sauce that will last a long time, whenever you need it. No more waiting for that rock hard avocado to ripen only to find out it went bad! Let SoCal do the work for you and the next time you host a Latin style feast, let this sauce do the work for you!


  • An Avocado Sauce that is great for tacos, burritos and every other type of SoCal food! Especially breakfast burritos! 

FREE SHIPPING and discounted prices when you order by the 4-pack. Trust us... you'll need at least 4 bottles... SoCal Guac Sauce™ is Commonly referred to as "one-day sauce" because most people can't stop eating it and finish a bottle in a day. It's THAT GOOD.


    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews Write a review